Our shoes run true to size. Right away, they should fit snug, but not tight. After some use, the leather will mold to your feet for a perfect fit. The width fits regular, not wide.

If you’re uncertain, please follow the instructions below for properly measuring your feet. Then, match your measurements with the closest Foot Length and Width to locate your recommended Mocalmo size.

Still unclear? Email us at keepcalm@mocalmo.com, and we'll be more than happy to help you find your size.

Mocalmo Size

Foot Length (cm)
Foot Width (cm)
Foot Width (cm)
8 26.1 8.9 10.4
8.5 26.3 8.9 10.4
9 26.7 9 10.5
9.5 27.2 9.2 10.7
10 27.5 9.2 10.7
10.5 27.8 9.3 10.8
11 28.1 9.3 10.8
12 29.1 9.6 11.1
13 29.5 9.8 11.3

Measuring Instructions.
Trace your longest foot onto a piece of paper. For better accuracy, it’s best to do this while standing up and wearing the socks (if any) you’d wear with our shoes. Be sure that as you trace your foot, you keep the pen straight against your foot instead of angled in.

Foot Length.
With a measuring tape, measure from the tip of your longest toe to the top of your heel.  

Foot Width.
Measure from the widest part of one side of your foot to the widest part of the other side. In most cases, this will be a diagonal line.