Tradition-inspired Artisanship

To achieve enduring elegance and comfort, at MOCALMO, we refuse to compromise on quality.

That’s why all of our sneakers are handmade from start to finish by a family-run factory of artisans in Italy’s Le Marche region, known as the world’s best and oldest shoe manufacturing district. We use only locally-sourced materials and the same time-honored techniques that place Italy at the forefront of luxury footwear.

Careful Construction

Behind all of our pairs is an artisan that pays close attention to every detail as he or she constructs our sneakers. This gives each pair a personal touch that makes your sneakers unique.

Watch our video to learn our process ->

Purposeful Materials

Shoe leather over last during production

The Last

Our lasts, which give the sneakers their shape, have been studied and refined over the years to achieve a glove-like fit for your feet with a comfortable roomy toe box.

Artisan measuring leather for shoes

The Leather

We make our sneakers with full-grain calf leather because its characteristics make it the best material for footwear. In addition to its natural beauty, we also love its other properties:

Highly Hygienic

Because of its breathability, our leather absorbs and disperses your feet's sweat, allowing your feet to stay dry and preventing the development of fungi or bacteria.


Full-grain calfskin's tighter grain and denser fiber makes it stronger than other leathers. It becomes more beautiful and develops a rich character with age.


Calfskin is soft and smooth and its collagen gives it elastic properties, molding to your feet with use. Over time, your shoes get closer to a perfect fit.

Artisan showing finished shoes

The Sole

We use EVA cup soles because they are lightweight, durable and flexible. They also provide great shock absorption. For increased longevity, our artisans hand-stitch our soles’ sidewalls to our sneakers’ leather uppers.