Sneakers for Your Well-being

MOCALMO is not your typical luxury footwear brand, as our focus goes beyond the banal to emphasize holistic wellness. We were founded to combat workplace distress, and our mission is to guide modern professionals towards physical and mental stability during the workday. Through our shoes and messaging, we help you keep your center and prompt you to rise above the noise. While job-related stress can be unavoidable, we can adopt personal strategies to continually manage it and keep it at healthy levels.

Brown leather sneakers with laptop in conference room

One of those strategies includes maintaining a professional and polished appearance that instills confidence. Yet, we believe that this appearance should also safeguard your comfort and wellbeing. That’s why we make the highest quality sneakers with elegant designs that you can feel comfortable wearing for work. Our shoes combine full-grain calf leather for durability and breathability with EVA soles for support, an inner collar cushion for comfort, and a roomy fit for relief.

Artisan polishing red sneaker

We blend the beautiful design and careful construct characteristic of traditional high-end, Italian footwear with the relaxed attributes of a sneaker. While we offer casual options for dress-down days, we prioritize the classic dressy look required of most workdays. Yes, those are still sneakers, but that’s for only you to know and for your colleagues to speculate.

STEDIGOLD founders Diana Kattan & Stefano Pierini

The Founders

MOCALMO was founded by husband and wife, Stefano Pierini and Diana Kattan. Stefano, a scientist obsessed with structural detail and native of Marche, Italy, and Diana, a wellness goods specialist, operate MOCALMO from their Philadelphia base. Frustrated by the inability to find high-end sneakers that are elegant and truly work-appropriate, the couple decided to embark on a journey that leverages Stefano’s hometown resources and the couple’s expertise to bring you timeless pairs for a lifetime.