Women's Aida - Black

The most elegant sneakers to dress up your workwear and distinguish yourself from the rest while staying comfy all day.


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Love the way you look and feel in them or either exchange or return them for a full refund within 14 days of receiving them. All U.S. shipping costs on us.


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Dress up your look with this beautiful brogue derby-styled sneaker embellished with a perforated swallowtail design on the upper and floral detailing on the toe. Comes with a complementary 100% cotton dust bag also made in Italy.


If you like dressing up, staying comfortable and going the extra mile to take care of yourself, these sneakers are for you. They are reliable pairs that are already helping our customers get through their workdays looking professional and feeling great. With them, you can focus on getting ahead without being distracted by shoes that hurt your feet.

We carefully craft them to last you for years, so you won't need to replace them for a long, long time.

Go ahead, experience the Mocalmo difference.

Look Polished at All Times.
Elegantly detailed to complement your workwear.
Walk Longer Distances.
Forget turning plans down because you can't stand your feet.
Keep Your Shoes On.
All-day comfort & support while looking board-room ready.
Maintain Your Posture.
Full-grain calf leather molds to your feet for a perfect fit.
Protect Your Joints.
EVA outsole absorbs the impact of your steps.
Prevent Blisters and Irritation.
Cushioned in key areas to prevent blisters and irritation.
Abolish Smelly Feet.
Breathable full-grain calf leather keeps you dry & prevents bacteria build-up.
Don't Be Weighed Down.
Shoes with substance yet light on your feet.
Avoid Falls & Puncture Wounds.
Sole that resists slips and protects you from puncture wounds.
Let Your Toes Breathe.
Sufficient space for your toes.

Our shoes run true to size. Right away, they should fit snug, but not tight. After some use, the leather will mold to your feet for a perfect fit. The width fits regular, not wide.

If you’re uncertain, please follow the instructions below for properly measuring your feet. Then, match your measurements with the closest Foot Length and Width to locate your recommended Mocalmo size.

Still unclear? Email us at keepcalm@mocalmo.com, and we'll be more than happy to help you find your size.

Mocalmo Size

Foot Length (cm)
Foot Width (cm)
Foot Width (cm)
6 23.2 7.7 9.2
6.5 23.7 8.0 9.5
7 24.0 8.0 9.5
7.5 24.3 8.2 9.7
8 24.6 8.2 9.7
8.5 24.9 8.5 10
9 25.2 8.5 10
9.5 25.6 8.7 10.2
10 26.0 8.7 10.2

Measuring Instructions.
Trace your longest foot onto a piece of paper. For better accuracy, it’s best to do this while standing up and wearing the socks (if any) you’d wear with our shoes. Be sure that as you trace your foot, you keep the pen straight against your foot instead of angled in.

Foot Length.
With a measuring tape, measure from the tip of your longest toe to the top of your heel.  

Foot Width.
Measure from the longest part of one side of your foot to the longest part of the other side. In most cases, this will be a diagonal line.

To achieve true beauty and comfort, at MOCALMO, we refuse to compromise on quality.

That’s why all of our sneakers are handmade from start to finish by artisans in Italy’s Le Marche region using locally-sourced materials. Known as the world’s best and oldest shoe manufacturing district, Le Marche has a vast web of craftsmen who leverage time-honored production techniques that place Italy at the forefront of high-end, luxury footwear. Our manufacturing partner itself is a family-run factory with generations of shoe-making experience.

Behind all of our pairs is an artisan that pays close attention to every detail as he or she constructs our sneakers. This gives each pair a personal touch that makes your sneakers unique.

  • The Lasts: our lasts, which give the sneakers their shape, have been studied and refined over the years to achieve a glove-like fit for your feet without crushing your toes.
  • Cushioned in key areas for extra comfort
  • Sole sidewalls stitched into uppers for durability
  • Hidden seems sewn "a rovescio," meaning "inside-out" for a cleaner look 
  • Hand-polished leather for elegance
  • Hand-painted details 
  • Soft-padded calf leather insole that’s also removable
  • Hidden metal eyelets for smooth lace pass-through and protection
  • Waxed cotton laces
The Leather: We intentionally make our sneakers with full-grain calf leather tanned in Italy because its characteristics make it the best material for footwear. Europe’s more protective breeding standards and stringent ecological regulations make a significant difference in the leather’s quality.

In addition to our leather’s natural beauty, we also love its other properties:

Highly Hygienic: Leather is composed of collagen, a protein that forms a tridimensional structure of fibers that allows for thermal insulation, which is useful in all types of weather. Because of its breathability, leather absorbs and disperses your foot’s sweat throughout the day. It allows your foot to stay dry and prevents the development of fungi or bacteria which thrive in humid and dark environments.

Durable: Full-grain calfskin has a tighter grain and denser fiber structure that makes it stronger and more youthful than other leathers. Our leather does not eventually peel, crack, and become brittle like faux leather.

Instead, it becomes more beautiful with age, with its natural patina developing a rich character.

Flexible: Calf leather is also soft, smooth and light. Collagen gives it elastic properties, so it molds to your foot with use. This means that over time, your shoes get closer to a perfect fit, which is great for posture and joint health.

The Sole: We use EVA cup soles because they are lightweight and flexible. They also provide great shock absorption to protect you from the impact of your steps. For increased longevity, our artisans hand-stitch our soles’ sidewalls to our sneakers’ leather uppers.



Taking good care of your shoes will prolong their life and keep the leather looking polished and sharp.

Dust bags: your sneakers come with a 100% cotton dust bag that absorbs moisture. We recommend keeping your shoes in their dust bag.

Shoe trees: we recommend inserting shoe trees to help the shoe retain its original shape. After cleaning your shoes, the shoe trees also enable them to dry evenly. Shoe trees made of cedar wood will absorb the moisture from your shoes, keeping them fresh.

Leather polish: beeswax-based polish helps soften and shine the leather and can be applied any time.

Leather cream: leather cream made from lanolin and turpentine helps emphasize your shoes’ color and should only be used when the color starts fading out.

Instructions for cleaning the leather:
1. Remove laces.
2. With a soft horsehair buffing brush or cloth, remove the dust from the shoes.
3. Wrap your middle and index fingers in a soft cloth and apply a small amount of cream. Spread the cream all around the leather and then wait 20 min. (When wearing out is more obvious, leave the cream overnight, and then apply a second coat the next day.)
4. Use a soft horsehair buffing brush to gently apply polish on the leather in circular movements. To obtain a glossy effect, dip another cloth in water and then use it to apply polish on the shoe.
5. Once the polish dries, softly rub the shoes with a nylon cloth.

Instructions for cleaning the sole:
1. Using a soft toothbrush, rub soapy water against the sole without touching the leather.
2. Dry off the sole with a dry cloth.


We are pleased to offer free shipping, exchanges & returns on all U.S. orders.


  • U.S. Ground shipping arrives within 3-5 business days at no cost to you.
  • Expedited shipping options are available at checkout for an additional fee.
  • Worldwide shipping options are also available at checkout.

Exchanges & Returns:

  • You may exchange your sneakers or return them for a full refund within 14 days of delivery. Just email us at keepcalm@mocalmo.com, and we'll help you out.

Keep Your Shoes On.

You should be able to wear the same pair all day.

- Maintain a professional look
- Don't make shoes a distraction
- Skip the hassle of changing shoes

Give Your Feet Some Cushion.

Your feet deserve a break.

- Super soft feel
- Avoid blisters and irritation
- Won't feel tight or restricting*
*(Allow room for additional orthotics)

Stay Dry and Happy.

Get things done with humidity control at your base.

- Regulate moisture
- Prevent bacteria build-up
- Abolish smelly feet

Mocalmo Has Your Back.

Take care of yourself from the bottom up.

- Reduce step impact on joints & soft tissues
- Protect your posture
- Support your arches
- Keep your natural balance

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